‘The Twilight Zone’: Spiraling down the tunnle of WTF?

The other day I’m on the Perez Hilton site, right?……Well actually, it turned out to be more like a ‘Twilight Zone’ time portal. You remember the spiral one.. Yeah, just like that! Boo-ya-ka back to the story…..

About three years ago, I had a dream that would’ve had the most prestigious psychologist question my sanity. And of course… I thought it was just morbid and crazy enough to be the most brilliant idea ever! Okay, so not ever exactly, But it was twisted and it was different.

Caution: Before you read on, I would like to assure the public that I am very sensitive to the topic we are about to dive into. Still, the creative connotation of such a controversial concept and topic is Genius. It is because of how offensive, unlikely and unfathomable… even abominable the subject matter is- that makes it sinfully intriguing. This is just MY personal opinion.

It’s Hollywood, Do you know where your children are?… Bwahahaha!

We continue…

(I will give you the cliff notes version of my dream.) There is a young girl who commits herself to the life of a nun. She is then confronted with a wildly, passionate love affair. She seeks guidance from the superior mother, who in turn shares a story about a young girl who was orphaned at a young age. She was abandoned at the local Catholic church. And she also committed herself to the untainted lively hood of a nun. She was at the local village when a brood of robbers came to pillage the town. She was raped by the leader of the bandits, whom she falls madly in love with (Scratch the record: You heard correctly! Yes she falls in love with her rapist I know.. sick/creepy.. as in Bananas or as in Ba-fuckin’-nanas!) The law catches up to them and he ends up dyng this bloody yet valiant death (Note: I know there is nothing Valiant about a rapist or a thief. It was a dream) Boo-ya-ka back to the story… and she returns to the convent, to never love again. Also, to later become the mother superior telling the story. My mom always told me that my dreams are like full length feature films!!!!!

Apparently this one REALLY is a full length feature film! Because homegirl, Ms. Jolie is making her directorial debut with a film based on that same detail… well actually the movie takes place during the war/massacre in the former Yugoslavia set in the 90’s. The movie is currently untitled and EXTREMELY controversial! I never thought that anyone would come up with this type of premise. Let alone have the balls to tempt the minds of innocent people as to partake in such a sexually and socially deviant story line. I cant wait to see what happens… She is getting a lot of opposition due to the lack of sensitivity this subject matter might relay to rape victims or victims of war crimes. Also, the depiction of certain cultures is in question as well. I say keep an open mind. The film is still under construction… and as taboo as the subject matter maybe no one knows what goes on in the vastness of our world. Just because we don’t agree or understand… even if we are flat-out appalled, we also need to realize that anything is possible and that using our imaginations to suggest this is the beauty of free thought and expression. Who are we to judge Ms.Jolie for her warped ideals or her creative manifestations of Twilight Zone porportions.  Peace


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