It’s Amazing how one person can affect Generations! How by life, composed correctly, one can become legendary! He  pulled, stretched, expanded, stimulated, and infused with magic, the imaginations of the WORLD! As a child I devoured his books and images. As an artist I drowned in the color and rhyme. Till this day I cough up green eggs, crazy cat legs, star belly Sneetches, blue fish, red fish and dream of stolen christmas’. Thank You Dr. Seuss for being my muse, for being my friend and the composer of my symphonic brush strokes… even as an adult. I love you.

My FAVORITE Dr.Seuss book (((Drum Roll Please))) The Sneetches! Maybe subconsciously too… because it delivered the same message my father drove home every day of my life: BE A LEADER NOT A FOLLOWER!!!!!! Dr. Seuss and my dad, the two men that spoke truth into my life. Green eggs and Ham is about having an open mind… new things… Do not be perturbed by the unknown or the quote un-quote, WEIRD. The Cat in the Hat has some crazy theories surrounding it regarding its underlying messages but TO ME,  it’s about honesty and order. Still despite it all, the fact is that Dr. Seuss will always be a channel of greatness that challenges the minds of us all!


Take a detour to Seussville.com by clicking the image above!!!! ❤


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