Why should You let anyone make You feel like You dont deserve what you want..?

For as long as I can remember, I have dreamt of being an artist, that was able to eat and provide a steady living for herself. My blog is not even remotely close to where I want to take it or even close to meeting its potential…. There is so much that I want to gain from bearing my soul through writing and art. I want what anyone wants, TO BE HEARD! To have a voice. Whether screaming from the stroke of my brush or from the top of my lungs… I have something to say… I’m done whispering… I ultimately want to write for the glossies, children’s books, other websites and have a column in the New York Times (((That would be Dope!…of course I couldn’t say that in such a refined publication..lol but it would be!)) Hey you never know! Why is it that so many have forsaken their childhood dreams or have just simply forgotten how to dream BIG! Fuck it, Why can’t I have what I want if I work hard enough for it. Why should I let anyone make me feel like I don’t deserve what I want.. and so what if my confidence blinds you… put on shades. Why should anyone dim their light to be accepted by other individuals that are just afraid to feel GREAT or fearful to harness GREATNESS. Nah… not me honey. I want to raise my baby A.K.A Posh Pirate, a brand that will encompass ALL my talents.. and quite frankly I make no apologies for believing I will.



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