Cherry Poppin Never Stoppin: First of Empire Beauty Reviews!

Tonight was a “Low Key” evening, kinda. A little Business and alot of pleasure. We started out with Cocktails at the Hudson Hotel Bar on West 58th and ended with Rose petals and humus at Shalel Moroccan Bar Lounge on West 70th. It was the perfect recipe for pleasure and relaxation! Even though Shalel was a little crazier than anticipated; all in all the night was smooooth and silly much like its participants. I met up with a friend of mine by the name of Brandon Lewis who is a very talented photographer and when he is not shooting for my brand Posh Pirate, he is photographing aspiring Models, Actors, Fashion Designers and Events. If he can fit you into his tight schedule the wait is well worth it!

So now down to the nittay grittay….This will be my first of many stellar reviews on dining and night life in New York City, my surrogate monster mother, in all of her empire beauty!  (Yay! Gotta start somewhere) So lets begin with the ever so stylish Hudson Hotel! The green electric carpet that rolls out leading you up to the lobby, reveals the most incredible chandelier! Actually, you’ll find later that this introduction is merely foreshadowing the all around beauty and surprises, you’ve yet to encounter at this posh palace! Read on to see Pictures and Review

The Hudson Bar area is amazing, from the log bench and glass floors that light from within, to the excellent service. Not to mention the incredible hand painted ceiling that I can stare at for hours… Literally! The picture below is a very SMALL fragment of this hand painted masterpiece.

“One of New York’s hottest nightspots from the moment it opened, Hudson Bar in midtown Manhattan is a dazzling venue decorated in a riotous collection of styles. It features a glass floor lit from beneath and a hand painted ceiling by world-renowned artist Francesco Clemente… the perfect place for drinks, lively conversation, people-watching, and experiencing the undeniable excitement of New York.”

Brandon had to steal my attention away from the artwork to point out how dope the music was. I mean the Dj was on point with his musical selections and friendly enough to talk to Bran about his playlist… I had the Strawberry Sparkler and Bran had a Long Island! Caution: the cocktails are pricey at $18 a pop, but some of the wine and definitely the beer are WAY more reasonable!

After our photo opp… we dropped by the “Library” the second of five cool spots to hit up at the Hudson. They also have an outdoor terrace, a restaurant called Hudson Hall and the Private Park which is seasonal and reopens in spring 2011.

The Library is class with a little pizzaz! I wish I would have gotten a better picture of the books that line the top of this rooms borders! And if you’re not down for a game of Pool or Chess, there is always the awesome photography and books that are on display to have a gander at… not to mention the bar and Dj in the library that are equally as awesome as those at the Lounge.

After the Hudson, we decided to hit up a quaint little Moroccan spot my friend Rayboy put me on too… MY new spot, Shalel! this place was love at first sight!

I love that it is so incognito…. and the walk down ushers you into a rabbit hole of wonder and romance! But don’t get it twisted it doesn’t have to be romantic just for a couple, if you love yourself enough it could be romantic just for you.. it is for me.

This place was packed!!! I wish the bar was like this when we got there lol

Let me give you a visual. Rose petals line the stair cases… actually Rose petals are everywhere! There is a full bar and dozens of hidden rooms and cubbies. Every section makes you feel like you’re in an exclusive part of the space! There is a catch though! If you go on a busy night service is a little laxed. But, if your like me, that problem is fixed with a little kind assertion. But seriously, the ambience transports you to another part of the world.

The food is African, Greek and Middle Eastern and its, “The Stuff”, as I would say 🙂 Look at Brandon getting his sexy on…lol

We ordered the spread assortment and olives… Mind you this is the only time homeboy actually smiled for a picture, when the food began to arrive… “too funny!” This was the best time of the night!

Everything was fresh and perfectly prepared. The beers were cold and the cocktails were firm!

They even brought us some really great shots on the house! Slippery Nipples to be exact! All in moderation is fine… Drunken Stupor is not cool. Just thought I’d throw that out there. Drink responsibly!

Brandon’s friend Edgar stopped by later in the evening to join us. He’s an aspiring Actor/Model and all around cool dude…

I had to end the night early, being I’ve had way too much fun this weekend. Beginning with Saint Patrick’s Day on thursday. So homegirl was through… But to keep you all posted, Brandon has agreed to shoot for me in early April! So the scandal continues… and the building begins! Going Out Guns Blazin’! Peace!

Hudson Hotel Bar 

356 West 58 Street
New York, New York 10019
Tel. 212 554 6217

Sun-Wed 7 PM-2 AM
Thu-Sat 7 PM-4 AM

(You can take the 1 train to Columbus Circle and its like two blocks)


65 W 70th St (Between Columbus Avenue and Central Park West)
New York, NY 10023  Tel. (212) 873-2300

Sun-Thu 4:30pm-12am Fri-Sat 4:30pm-4am

( Nearest Transit 72nd St (B, C) 66th St (1) 72nd St (1, 2, 3)