Empire Beauty: The Fantastic Guggenheim Museum!

Yesterday I went to the fantastic (Drum Roll Please….) Guggenheim Museum! It was one of those crazy and spontaneous things I do when I have absolutely no plans (I just go where the wind takes me….) and because it was a Saturday, I got in for only $3 buckeroos! In the event YOU want to take advantage of this really cool deal, you can do so on any given Saturday between 5:45-7:45pm. Be sure to get there at 5:45pm or even a little earlier, as the line has been known to whipped around the block! The suggested donation is $10, but with all the private donations, grants and people paying the regular price for tickets at $18 a pop! “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn!” Give what you can…trust me They are NOT lacking!

I took this picture of their enormous Skylight with my rinky dink Blackberry Camera… The structure and design of this building is so flawless that you couldn’t ruin a photo opp if you tried.

 WARNING:They are VERY adamant about their NO flash photography policy! Everyone tries…Shit even I snuck in a few. Still, beware the security guards that are stationed on each level. Once you begin your journey up that ramp best believe they are-a-watchin and people get really offended when confronted. Its rather entertaining actually. lol

With that said, the following photos are all works of art currently on display at the museum (with the exception of one) BUT these photos were found online at various web sites and I claim no credit for them…. other than the effort involved in locating quality replicas of these amazing works! Still there is nothing like seeing them in person!

Amedeo Modigliani, Nude, 1917

The naked chic was one of my favorites because I loved the jagged brush strokes that fill in the simple black outline that defines her body. All of his nudes are equally amazing. I also love how the sensual nature of the painting consumes the onlooker. When I saw this image I instantly felt like I was transported into the room with this beautiful woman and Amedeo… like I was having a spiritual Ménage à trois. Nudes are sexy and the whole relationship between the Art, the Artist, the Subject and the observer is soooo romantic that it completely eradicates thoughts of distaste, it immediately seduces you.  

Mountains at Saint-Rémy (Montagnes à Saint-Rémy), July 1889. Oil on canvas, Vincent van Gogh Photo Credit: Matthew Felix Sun 

I have this gift. I see images in the marble tiles in bathrooms, in decorative plastered walls, in splattered paint, in dirt smudges and in the strokes of a canvas I can see images that where never intended. Thats why I love this landscape by Vincent. I see cloves of Garlic and a man playing the saxophone… and because of this I feel like, not the man, but the spirit of the man and  I, connect. The entities that are within, that make us both artist danced when I  laid eye on this painting.

Photo Credit: out of the Grey

When your ready for a break, take a stroll over to Cafe 3 across from the Kandinsky Gallery on Annex Level 3! Its well priced sandwiches are like $7 and change… Beers $7 and you can get a glass of wine between $6 and $9 bucks.. If you ask me, not bad at all! They serve sandwiches, pastries, coffee, tea, wine, and beer, and there’s a really dope view of Central Park as well.

Cafe 3 Hours
10:30 am–5:15 pm
Closed Thursday

For more information, call 212 427 5682.

Man I wish I could have snuck this out in my pocket!!! I’m new to the work of Franz but he had me at Moo! His color usage is AMAZING! No photo could do this justice. This painting is a “you had to be there” piece. So sad you cant see it unless YOU’VE SEEN IT IN PERSON! That cow looks like its having a heck of a day! I did some research on his other works and they are all as magnificent!

Kupka, Frantisek – 1909-10 Planes by Colors, Large Nude Photo Credit: RasMarley

Now baby, this is ME! No like, for real, this is me on any given day of the week; lounging bare in the privacy of my home contemplating my world domination and what to cook for dinner. Have you ever had one of those “Why didn’t I think of that first” moments? Well, this was one of my “Why didn’t I paint that first” moments! This man is a GENIUS by every form of the definition. Color contrast, brush strokes, proportion, Soul! The image below was NOT ON DISPLAY but come on!

He is my new favorite… ok maybe my second new favorite! Now I just need to learn how to pronounce his name…hmmm.


Kandinsky’s “Black Lines” (1913).

Kandinsky.. Kandinsky.. Kandinsky (sigh) He owns the Guggenheim right now if you ask me and with good reason. Again, no justice I tell ya! When I saw this I knew “Houston we have a problem.” I knew I would never want to leave. I wondered if he painted to make women fall in love with him? Because the subject matter of his work suggests a loftiness.. like he’s in a class all his own and he knows it. As if to say, “my work supersedes your comprehension..Yes, I know.” It’s his disregard for your lack of understanding that’s so enticing. Because he draws you in with color… fantasy… intrigue… He IS in a class all his own and whether you understand it or not, you want to be apart of it. It’s the distance he creates that keeps you wanting more of him. The colors flirt. 

On Saturdays from 5:45 p.m. to 7:45 p.m., admission to the Guggenheim Museum is “pay what you wish.”

Photo Credit: Justin Lane/European Pressphoto Agency

This building is soulless without these images or without the bodies that these images infatuate on a daily basis.

This is one of my rebel photos above!

Now I’ve not eaten here but a review of the Guggenheim would be incomplete without it!

The Wright:

Located at Fifth Avenue and 88th Street. Lunch and Dinner. The menu is seasonal. The restaurant was designed by architect Andre Kikoski.
11:30 am–3:30 pm
11:30 am–5 pm
5:30–11 pm
Sunday Brunch
11 am–3:30 pm

For Reservations 212 427 5690.

SOOOOOOOOO….after the museum just when I thought my soul could take no more… I run across an original De La Vega!!!!!!! AAAhhhhh! I’m having a mental  orgasm just typing this! I’m like a crazed teen at a Justin Bieber concert when it comes to Art! Could ya tell! lol  I love finding diamonds in the ruff! An original Del La Vega! Chalked on the ground across the street from the Guggenheim! A fish jumped ship, running with haste away from the bowl! I feel like he put that there just for ME…and dont you crush my dreams! and just when I thought it couldn’t get better….

I made it just in time for the Sunset at central Park! The ultimate work of art… the one that stole the show and every word… my very breath.

Then I got Very unhappy hahahahahahahaha cause my day was over. lol I was just playing with my camera! I’m nuts goodnight!

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
1071 Fifth Avenue (at 89th Street)
New York, NY 10128-0173
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Museum Hours

Sun–Wed 10 am–5:45 pm
Fri 10 am–5:45 pm
Sat 10 am–7:45 pm
Closed Thurs, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day
Some galleries may close prior to 5:45 pm Sun–Wed and Fri (7:45 pm Sat)


Saturday Baby! Pay as you wish! Otherwise, Adults $18
Students and Seniors (65 years +) with valid ID $15
Children under 12 Free
Members Free

Audio Tours

Audio tours are free with admission.