A Day in the Mind of a Dreamer, a Fighter, a Future Success Story

Photo Credit: west birch photography blog

Today I woke up basked in love and light.The sunlight shone through the curtains sheer fabric kissing my lips, stroking my hair and penetrating my bare body… Rays of light lifted my sorry plight of self-induced rebuke.

 I’m my biggest critic! All I’ve been doing is coming down hardcore on myself… “Your not moving fast enough Natalie.” “Wake up earlier Natalie!” “Your fuckin’ up Nat.” “Produce produce produce.” “Your not getting anywhere Nat, move move move.” “Your not motivated Enough!” “Your not Networking enough!” “Your not using your time wisely!” “It’s not good enough” “This isnt fly enough..cool enough.. unique enough!” “Your Lazy.” “Your not learning enough, fast enough.” “Your planning sucks.” “Your all over the place……..” These are just a few of the mental crosses I carry.

Still, of all the pressure I self impose, I never think “it’s time to quit.” FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION. When I woke up thinking about my responsibilities, my goals and priorities… I realized that I’ve accomplished something even grander than my dream… Realizing MY PASSION! I’m so hard on myself because I give a shit about what im doing soooo much; that it consumes me. Though don’t get me wrong, I realize that this type of self talk can be destructive and depleting. I’m working on fixing it. I believe the most important communication is that which one has with ones self. BUT when your living and breathing your passion that will eventually lead to fulfilling your purpose its Do or Die trying. I like to focus on the “Do” aspect of that complete thought. This is not only about Custom clothing or furniture. This venture of mine called Posh Pirate is geared towards making a difference and impacting lives. I want to mentor inner city youth and show them that if you want ANYTHING in this life bad enough you’re not exempt from success based on where you come from or what your background is. I want to write articles that inspire, and create custom clothing and furniture designs that provoke thought. I want to use my voice to speak out against injustices in my community and the world. I want to help other artist gain recognition. I want to feed and clothe my family. And as for what I don’t want…is to ever be considered “Wasted talent.”

So today I rise victorious… having accomplished nothing more than taking my first conscious breath. Acknowledging that MAYBE im not so far behind. perhaps I’m actually two steps ahead of the game.. simply because I have  goals driven by passion… and sure maybe my planning is scattered but my ambition is right on track!

Going out Guns Blazing…. Keep the Dream ALIVE! Then wake up and Make it YOUR REALITY! Imagine…