Growing up as a New York Rican in The Bronx during the 80’s and 90’s it was Hip Hop and R&B, Freestlye and House, Salsa and Merengue all day… every day! You would hear any given one of these genres blaring from corner bodegas, gypsy cabs, stoops or boom boxes strategically placed on widow stills.. It wasnt till 97′ when I moved upstate with my dad, in west bubble fuck, that I learned of Alternative Rock, Metal, Country and PUNK! My blue-eyed, red-head college boy toy introduced me to bands like Pennywise, Pantera, Pearl Jam and (((Drumroll Please))) NOFX. Ive been hooked ever since! The band had their first practice in 1983, consisting of Fat Mike who is the lead Vocalsist and Bass player, El Hefe and Eric Melvin on the Guitar and  Erik Sandin beating the Drums. I mean these guys are magical together! Extremely political and rebellious, their music is like a big “F” “U” to all conformist. Punk in Druplic is for one of my fave albums of all time. Check out the video below to listen to Lori Meyers… a song about a woman he recognizes from his childhood on the cover of a porn mag.

The band never signed with a big record label, not that they didn’t have opportunities but commercialism is counter productive for this forever indie band not to mention a contradiction. They’ve toured all over the world and Punk in druplic even went Gold in 2000 six years after it release in 1994. It is their most success album up to date peaking at 12 on the Billboard charts! Not too bad for an indie band with no commercial backing! A few other songs worthy of mention on this album are Dont call me white, Linoleum, The Brews and Perfect government.

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