Empire Beauty: It’s a Bird… It’s a plane… No its Comic-Con 2011!


Every year thousands of comic book  and video game lovers gather for a magical event that ushers the attendees into a world of fantasy and artistic mastery. COMIC-CON!!! They poured in by the minute, onto the Jacob Javits center’s show room floor, with their amazing costumes and comic books, hoping to catch a glimpse of Marvels Stan Lee, Pin-up queen Olivia  (My favorite modern-day pin-up artist) or Jose Marzan Jr. who is one of the artist for Y: The last man (A MUST READ SERIES!!!!) It was INSANITY!

This was a three day event, full of professional panel discussions, comic and video game unveilings, autograph signings and vendor booths. The third and final day, all children 12 and under were FREE! (Though, be aware they do ask for proof of age for children on Kids day.) And Just a heads up, the food options aren’t that broad or satisfying in MY opinion. On top of that, it’s a lil pricey considering the quality. I would suggest eating before or after you attend. Another option is to bring your own food. You have to conceal it though when you first go in cause they will ask you to discard any outside food. But hey, like they say, out of sight out of mind.

Photocredit: mcgeeks.com

Costumes are a HUGE part of the Comic-con experience. I definitely want to go dressed up next year! Hmmm Wonder woman maybe?

Pin-up artist Olivia and I! I acted like a groupie lolol I completely admire this woman and LOVE her work. I believe more women need to embrace each other and appreciate each others beauty inside and out. This womans work does just that! This isn’t like skimming through dirty mags, behind a black curtain, full of women who have daddy issues. Her work captures the essence of a woman in such a dynamic way. Sensuality, femininity and confidence; these leap from her paintings. Do I feel like this type of work is objectifying? NO. I appreciate it like I appreciate a beautiful sunrise or a Pre-Ralphaelite

Ro, Z and I. I love these guys to death! Goodtimes with great people big and tiny! Lol

We brought a MARVEL Encyclopedia and had all the comic artists sign it! Some even went the extra mile and drew some classics like Spiderman, Black Cat and Batman (Yes, I’m well aware that Batman is a DC character but who cares the drawings were AWESOME!)

This event was full of memorabilia like this old school Shera toy that I owned as a child. They had Vintage comic books and Pin-up magazines, toys, posters, pins, apparel and tons of free giveaways….basically EVERTHING related to the culture! I recommend bringing cash cause the ATM lines were incredibly looooong.

Original work. This is an actual painting! Not a print.

COMIC-CON was definitely an experience and actually they do this in various other cities around the country! visit this Link to plan for next year!

 Pooped after a long day…. Ciao I will update this post soon with some of my Comic-con purchases… Stay tuned XOXOX