Fall Foliage: Oscar de la Renta Fall 2012 – The Word Game!

I’m a very passionate Latina woman. So, I LOVE many things! I LOVE words maybe just as much as I LOVE fashion! Actually you may think I’m a bit crazy, but, (CONFESSION) I FALL in LOVE with words… I literally get butterflies in my stomach when I discover new words that have a melodic syllabic flow… True story. (Bashful face) and I even think that the letter sequence of certain words are almost like artistic creations. I also feel this same way each season when new collections are revealed on virgin catwalks. Each season comes with new opportunities to fall in Love with Fashion all over again!

For this article I’ve decided to take my two favorite LOVES and marry them in creative matrimony…. A Posh Pirate special! So this is how we play the game. I’m going to choose one word and from that one word, I will find multiple words within that word to describe each of these Oscar de la Renta works of art. This is a game called “Word in a Word”

1. Mellifluous (My current love!) 

My Word Finds: Soulful, Fuse, Emus (it’s a bird lol)

…….okay okay so this was a hard one, but I had to get it out of the way and use this beautiful word early on. The definition is just as beautiful as this de la Renta sunrise puffed out skirt. It means, having a smooth rich flow, mellifluous voice, filled with something (as honey) that sweetens!

My one and only gripe, sorry Oscar, is that I would have used a different model. Maybe an olive toned Mediterranean or Latina with dark brunette locks up in a bun, like a flamenco dancer and scratch the earrings, the dress is bold enough alone. Place a red flower in the ear or on an elastic band. Nude make up and fiery red lips! Magic.


2. Fashionista

My Word Finds: Astonish, Shaitans (n. – (Islam) a rebellious jinni who leads men astray), Satin,  Softish

This looks like an outfit I would wear to ‘The Hudson Valley Shakespeare festival’. To wear this there would be dream like…mmmm.


3. Glamorous 

My Word Finds: Amorous, Orgasm, Goal, Glam, Slam (as in Slam Dunk), Soar, Loom

I adore the effect of this fabric. A corset belt would accentuate in all the right places.


4. Sophisticate

My Word Finds: Spice, Chaos, Hottie, Poetic, Patches, Shape, Taste, Teach, Toast, Ace, Hips

This has Posh Pirate written all over it… Classy, sassy and Flashy! Love this look.. Minus the fish nets. I would go with a Cuban heel stocking.


5. Androgynous

My Word Finds: Sugar, Adorn, Young, Aura, Ray, Rad

My favorite detail would have to be the brooch tie! It balances and centers the whole outfit.


6. Intellectual 

My Word Finds: Entice, Tune, Intact, Lucent, Talent, Elate, Cute (Not my favorite word) but it works..

What I enjoy the most is the way the models soft features compliment the outfit. Such a great match. My personal taste is a bit more flamboyant, (Love love love the word Flamboyant) but I can appreciate the simplicity of this outfit.


7. Untouchable 

My Word Finds: Hot, Hue, Halo, Haute

I would Rock the shit out of this outfit! The proper hair and make-up will turn this look up about ten notches…


8. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

My Word Finds: Glorious, Ace, Fire, Ego, Flare, Gold, Perfect, Sex, Luscious, Praise, Arousal, Artful 

This outfit to ME is ravishing… The shirt alone is bewitching. The whole outfit in its entirety is prepossessing without being too much. Its Beautiful and mainly its elegant.


Life is full of wonder and beauty! For me its Art, Words, Fashion, Food, Culture ……. (Laughter) actually for me its almost everything ……. that culminates to an appreciation for my existence. For you it might be other delights. The key is to indulge in what inspires you. Oscar de la Renta inspires ME as does the sounds of words dancing off my tongue… lol. Thank You for taking the time to indulge with me.

“Act like a Lady, Kick Ass like a Kung-Fu master!”


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