This is an exclusive interview with yours truly. So kick back. Relax. Grab a Malta with some vanilla ice cream (That’s what I would do) and let the Q and A commence.

Natalie: A glimpse into Posh Pirate! The girl beyond the brand. So, who is the new girl on the stoop really? Where does she spawn from?
PP: I’m a sometimes loud, pero always proud Latina, who claims Spanglish as her second language. With an emphasis on the ‘glish’. My parents predominately spoke to us kids in English. So, what I did pick up era de mi abuela, Novellas, and Salsa Saturday mornings, with the Mistoline (Latino cleaning staple) in one hand and my mother spinning me to Jerry Rivera with the other hand. Also, Posh Pirate is that “Cool Chic” from the block that is on a journey. Coming Brazen and Blazing to a search engine near you! She is trying to find her Path while paving her own along the way.

Natalie: Funny, you don’t strike me as the “Loud” type.
PP: A woman is a sea of mystery. You never know what’s going to jump out and bite you in the ass! Actually, that’s one of the qualities I most admire about myself and in others when I see it, the ability to be diverse and unpredictable. That way people are always left guessing, “What will she do next?” Still, with the assurance that it’ll always be fresh and unexpected. That to me is the true beauty of personal style…. That je ne sais quoi. Everyone has their signature seduction. Mysteries charm is in the uncovering. My wish is to use Posh Pirate as an outlet to inspire others to live more loudly (((Fearlessly))), while still maintaining that element of surprise. It could be someone walking into a home and seeing a Posh Pirate custom piece of furniture or painting. Perhaps, it’s a review that leads the reader to a GREAT film or designer. Connecting them to something awesome that they otherwise would have known nothing about! I also have a ‘Journey Whore’ section that shares my personal voyage through this lifes experiment.

Natalie: What adventures has your path taken you on thus far?
PP: I have a ton of long stories. Let me think.

Natalie: Do you have any short ones?
PP: Yes (Laughter) long stories made short my path has led me back packing Santa Cruz, CA. Camping out in the Redwoods. Hiking up to beautiful ocean view cliff sides, under full moons. Even sleeping on the beach in a sleeping bag naked on the fourth of July, while fireworks were going off on the boardwalk painting a star studded sky (deep breath) good times. On the occupational end, I have been very fortunate to work in television doing assistant post-production work for NatGeo, Showtime, and the Miss Universe organization through a company called All Mobile Video. Most recently, I worked as a temp in a publishing house called, Televisa Publishing + Digital. By far, one of the most inspiring experiences of my life.

Natalie: Why so? What made that experience so impactive?
PP: Well, don’t get me wrong, every experience in my life has impacted me to some degree. My philosophy is that, Life can teach you many lessons if you allow yourself to be a student and a lesson learned is a moment lived with consciousness… that is impact. Still, my experience at Televisa opened my eyes to how great it is to work in an environment where everyone shared many of the same values and interest. For one, we were all Latinos, from the maid to the CEO. Secondly, we possessed the same pride and passion in pushing the Hispanic agenda by spreading and sharing culture through media. It was beautiful to be a part of even if for a short run.

Natalie: Very inspiring. Now, where exactly are your parents from? What is your heritage crazy girl?
PP: Hey! I’m not Craysee, OKay?! I’m Puerto Rican.

Natalie: Aren’t they synonymous.
PP: Cuidado

Natalie: (Can’t speak due to excessive laughter and snorting)
PP: Alright, Ms.Natalie! I was born in the Bronx. Raised by the streets, along with the help of a few cocotasos from my mother. It was the best upbringing a girl could ask for. I spent my fair share of summers in PR. Some summers were spent with my father in farm country. And at the end of the day, had my beautiful concrete jungle to call home! All of those experiences contributed to well rounded perceptions and expressions. By the way, I love the word Heritage.

Natalie: One of my personal faves as well. OKay, so enough about your broken Spanglish. Give us some meat. (With her fist clenched.) What are your intentions with this blog?
PP: No es para tanto mama! You sound like an over protective parent. (Laughter)

Natalie: (Pulls out her key chain flashlight) I’m the one asking the questions.
PP: Bueno. I’m all about creative expression. So, what I want to do with this blog is take the reader on a journey. I think it’s the one thing we all share (whether your Latina, Asian, Africa America, Polish whatever your background) we are all on a journey. It’s a part of our humanity to find a path or to be dragged down one. We choose.

Natalie: What are your inspirations?

PP: EVERYTHING! I know that sounds too general but ultimately it is the truest description of what inspires me. At least regarding my artistic expressions. My mind is constantly over flowing with colorful ideas… My estilo (Style) is mostly inspired by the movie Grease, the 80’s and my mom! I am so not a faddist…. (with an outburst of laughter) Usually, I look like an over embellished cupcake! I like to think that with my blue mascara, Neon nail polishes, lace gloves and layered socks I pay tribute to my childhood heroins, the woman who spawned me (Hi mom!) and the eminent (Drum roll please….) Madonna of course. I treat my days like an empty canvas and my wardrobe being the brilliant strokes of genius that add color and my accessories are the details that pull the pizazz together. My motto for life, fashion and art will always be “Don’t worry be happy”! I wear clothes that reflect my mood, and because I usually have a million emotions streaming my veins while Micheal Jackson has an exclusive concert in my head, I never wear clothes that match. It’s ruffle skirts, graphic tees, silk shirts and red patent leather pumps all day. My poor babies are sooo beat up Im about to tag them up and breath new life into them devils.

Natalie: So is it safe to say that your mother is your role model?

PP: She is definitely number one on my list but, I have many. When I was growing up my mom was an aspiring musician. She exposed me to creative expression early on. She wrote all of her own music, helped choreograph dance routines, she was an 80’s fashionista and a strong independent single parent/woman, but mainly she was an artist. At some point she was dating street legend Fuzz One. A renowned graffiti artist and author. Through him I was exposed to a whole new language within the arts. A language that in many ways I felt personally belonged to the streets. Thus, it belonged to those of us raised by our surrogate monster mother. My real mother used to go bombing and she was also a construction worker at some point! That’s the type of woman that demands respect by merely existing… she raised me with that no boundaries mentality. This isn’t a mans world….it ‘s “My World”… and my world is whatever I choose to make out of it! She helped me to understand that anything is possible.

Natalie: Good stuff.
PP: Thank you chica.

Natalie: OK in closing.
PP: Here we go.

Natalie: What?!
PP: I know you girl!

Natalie: Allow me to ask my question.
PP: (Zipping lip motion)

Natalie: Are you dating anyone?
PP: (Laughter) That’s a Rap! Posh Pirate aboard ship and this is how we rock mates! Goin’ out guns blazing. Peace.

Natalie Olivo


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