SOUL-TRAVELER: “Halo” Painting’s poetic dedication titled, “I am”.


This picture was taken in 2006, the same year I wrote this piece titled, “I am”.

Soul Traveler is the second blog that I’m working on consisting of my written creative works. This is me behind the smiles and the pints of Guiness. Cheers!

I am a Womyn with words. I dance because it allows me the key to free my hidden inhibitions… they remind me that I’m perfectly imperfect… This reminds me to breath.

I am a Womyn with passions. I write songs of my soul that dance and paint color in the eyes of poetic masters that gesture, “I too am great.” They suggest by their legacy that a dreamer dreams and that dreams flourish.

I am a Womyn with Intellect. A devote student of life and lives. In my eyes I see humanity a beautiful monster like a little girl with Shirley Temple curls screaming at the very top of her lungs……… Wouldn’t you say this too?

I am pensive, lost in thoughts of observations. No box to confine my heart. Instead there is a box that exposes it….. That box being the earth with the dirt and the air and the trees and the birds in the sky that keep me nailed to my knees because I worship her beauty that reminds me of me.

I am an Artist, a master of canvases real and imagined. I draw surreal dreams; I write of erotic adventures that I play over and over and over again in the auditorium of my secret domain where my lust it thrive…because I am a sexual creature.

I am fun crazy deep true to me free. Alive. I am all of these things and more..

I am a Womyn. I stand for what I believe in. Equality. I am more than just a pretty face painted over with mauve shadow and Fuscia lips. Shit I am a Womyn that to me means that I am powerful…in many ways. I embrace love. I live my femininity. I am independent and free to define my true idenity. I am a Womyn. I have talents, ideas and a vision for a world that I can say I help create…everyday. I am a womyn. Sometimes loud, aggressive, Latin and Proud.. I am a Womyn who lives, who reads, who sees a world in progress. I am a Womyn who is me.

By Natalie Olivo AKA Zen Stiles


My Many Mothers: A tribute. Happy International Womens Day! Celebrating 100 years of Empowerment!

I have often been known for telling the story of my many Mothers. Every single time, without fail, the story changes and evolves, as I indulge my listeners with stories of my mentors; women that have in some way transformed my beautiful existence. These Women have poured their own femininities into my heart and it over flows like wine in a drunkards mouth. Some have infused my life merely by existing with such confidence, energy and extensive personal power. I can’t even begin to express how fortunate I am… scratch that how blessed, lucky, indebted to the universe I am for the amazing women I’ve had the honor of crossing paths with, in body and some in spirit. And I’m not referring to your modern-day pop culture divas (though much respect to them). I’m referring to the reason that they are able to be who they are today… the trail blazers such as Cleopatra (hello), Joan of arc, Emily Dickinson, Frieda Kahlo, Simone de Beauvoir, Mother Teresa, Helen Keller, Harriot Tubman, Betty Friedman, Gloria Steinem, and one of my personal heroes, Maya Angelou… Just to name a few. And yes, these valiant women all come from diverse walks of life. They individually have their different passions and convictions that are rich with ambition. BUT what they do have in common is… that they are all pioneers in what is known as (((Freedom))) for all us ladies today. They used their human entitlement to thought, choice and greatness in order to change their individual worlds and ours! THEY WERE ALL FREE THINKERS!!!

 There is nothing more inspiring than a free mind! 

I’m also speaking about the women who have presently taken advantage of those freedoms and are moving mountains with it. Sonia Sotomayor, Michelle Obama, Oprah,  Nancy Roland Johnson, Betsey Johnson and even the controversal Hilary Clinton, are just a SMALL few utilizing the beaten path to pave new ones. I’m also speaking about Real “around the way” women that are beautiful because they are strong, decisive, intelligent conquerors. My mother, Maritza (Luv u). My step mother, Jeanie (the woman who taught me about virtue, patience and egg in a hole lol). My best friend, Jessica (Proof that genuine people do exist even if they are few and far in between).

Then you have the passers-by, the beautiful masses that fuel this unpredictable and exciting life.  A woman passing me in the subway with that look in her eyes that say, “I’ll do anything I want! I will be exactly who I Love to be…I will be ME (AND WHAT!! lol); and maybe today, I’ll take over the world!” or the single mother in the grocery store, juggling her cellphone, her purse and a box of captain crunch cereal; with an extra hand available to tie her kids shoes. These are as much my heroes as the women mentioned above. Just typing the names of my many mothers and conjuring thoughts of women that project power and unshakable strength fills me with courage, vigor and an excitement for life. knowing their stories gives my faith in moving mountains. They remind me that I am ALIVE, and that I am a woman, and that both are not rights they are privileges! So in light of International womans day this is my tribute to my many mothers! Continue reading