Model Diaries: Twiggy, The Worlds First Super Model.


When I was a little girl my dream was to become the next Nikki Taylor or Claudia Schiffer. Every month my mother would buy me the latest Vogue and Elle magazines so that I could observe the style and poses of the times. Her dream for me was to one day see me gracing the cover of one of those legendary periodicals. It was during that impressionable period of my life that I fell in love with everything Fashion and beauty related… especially the industries leading ladies!


Aspiring young artist in the music industry have the likes of Chaka Khan, Gladys night and the late Whitney Houston to emulate and young starlets have Audrey Hepburn, Jean Simmons and Meryl Streep. In the modeling industry, just to name a few, they have Cindy Crawford, Iman, Linda Evangelista, Jean Shrimpton and 60’s Fashion icon Twiggy. Without knowing anything about these women on a personal level I wanted to be just like them. I would stay up all night and imagine how it would be to travel the world, having all eyes gaze upon my beauty and admire my impeccable sense of style.

These days, the only eyes that admire my beauty and impeccable sense of style are those of my fiancée and maybe some passers-by on this road of life, but I’ll never forget the women that help infuse me with fierce confidence, pride in my womanhood and a great appreciation for style that never fades. This is for you ladies.


For my first installment of  ‘Model Diaries’ I will be highlighting 60’s Fashion and beauty icon Twiggy! Some would argue that it was because of she that the term ‘Super model’ was invented.


Lesley Hornby, known as the first woman in the existence of modeling to don the title ‘Super Model’, became a house hold name by the age of sixteen. Except… it wasn’t the Name Lesley Hornby that turned hippie heads, it was the globally known ‘Twiggy’. A nickname she acquired due to her lanky teenage frame. While other girls her age were obsessing over boys and what to wear for prom, Twiggy was rocking designer threads on the cover of almost every fashion magazine in circulation during that time. And instead of worrying about being voted valedictorian she was too busy being recognized as ‘British Woman of the Year’ in 1966 at the tender age of seventeen. She was an international Phenomenon. Her work ethic was impeccable and though she was thought to be flighty, it only added to her charm.


The relentless model went on to a successful music career in 67′ climbing the charts to 17 in the UK with her hit ‘Here I go again’.  Through the course of her career music would play a huge role, as would a budding acting career that would later win her two Golden Globes, one of those being for ‘New female star of the Year’. In 2005 she joined the judges panel on ‘Americas Next Top Model’.  This beast of a woman has done it all! Modeling, singing, theater, TV, movies, books and a ton of humanitarian work. Her list of accomplishment is endless and she’s still not done. She is a power house of a woman.


I remember it like it was yesterday, doing pretend photo shoots with my mom thinking “one day I’m going to be a ‘Super Model!” I laugh now, as my dreams have surpassed those of my youth, but still, I remember seeing beyond the glossy pages and observing not just beautiful women but dreamers just like myself… confident, fearless, smart and fierce modern-day goddesses that I looked up to with the most innocent eyes. I saw that they had presence and they appeared to be “in control” of their lives. Today I have a different understanding regarding the reality of the business. Still, I will always smile when I think about that little girl flipping through the pages of the september issue happy as can be. Riding my ambition with training wheels.


Click image to be redirected to the official twiggy website.

Dios te Bendiga


Spotlight on Alexander Wang.

Marie Claire

Alexander Wang Coat/Photo Credit: Marie Claire

Alexander Wang

Click image for Alexander Wang Official Website!

Alexander Wang is the creator of the coveted Rocco duffle bag, as seen on celebs such as Rhianna and Ashley Olsen. Here are a few of my most desirables from the Wang collections new and old.

Alexander Wang Rocco Duffle Bag

I LOVE this bag! The Alexander Wang Rocco Duffle Bag!

Rocco Duffle Bag Rocco Duffle Bag

There are many renditions of the Rocco Duffle bag.

Alexander Wang Suitcase Bag Alexander Wang Alexander Wang

 Below are my favorite Alexander Wang coats, I also LOVE the fur sleeved beauty on the Model above.

Alexander Wang Aviator Tailcoat

Alexander Wang Aviator Tailcoat (Rear view)

This is the Alexander Wang Aviator tailcoat with a mink collar. (Above)

Alexander Wang Zip-up

Alexander Wang Coat

((( These below are INSANE! )))

Alexander Wang multi-strap boot

I MUST own these! Look at the hardware on those straps!

Alexander Wang Sock Boot

Alexander Wang Loafer with tassel Metallic mirror

Alexander Wang Spring 2012 Shoe

Alexander Wang Peep-toe Double Zipper Ankle Boot

Alexander Wang Sneakers 2012

I imagine myself in this dress on a date wearing large diamond studs and studded chunky heels in blush ostrich leather. I would throw on a deep purple leather waist belt and have my hair up in a double french twist. Last but not least I would pair it with a bold neon clutch and a fur stole. Attire fit for a princess.

Alexander Wang Dress signing out…. Enjoy the 54th Annual Grammy Awards! 

Alexander Wang

XO Besos y Abrazos XO

Beware the Evil Eye: Alexa Chung Nail Tutorial


I LOVE fashion forward women! These ladies possess an unparalleled uniqueness that has no limits and crosses all boundaries. Their creative expression comes from a place deep within their, ‘Pollack painted’, souls. A secret garden of beautiful chaos. They share this giftedness with the world through an amazing sense of personal style.

Alexa Chung is one of these women. She is a model, TV personality, print journalist and a TREND SETTER, which brings me to this tutorial inspired by her ‘Evil eye’ nails that I spotted in the newest vogue magazine. ‘Evil eye’ charms are said to ward off envy and ill intent projected onto its victims through a glare that is otherwise known as “The Evil eye”.


 Personally… I just really enjoyed the look.



STEP 1. You will need a nail file to even out the nails. Black,White, and blue nail art paint and a nude polish. The Nail art paint Im using is from ‘Kiss’. I found them at my local beauty supply store for $1.99  each! The Nude polish is from ‘Essie’.

If you want to get creative and give this look a more personal touch why don’t you try switching the blue nail color for something that better compliments your taste. I’d like to try an orange or maybe a pink eye. No pun intended lol. Keep polish brush clean of excess paint and do the hand that is most difficult for you to paint first.


STEP 2. Once you’ve filed your nails evenly  and have shaped them to your liking, coat  nails twice with the Nude polish and let dry completely. 


STEP 3. White nail art paint: Create football shapes onto each nail. You can also try doing just ‘the ring’ finger or every other nail. 


STEP 4. Blue nail art paint: Paint these half circles to create the iris’. Make sure you leave some white in the center and don’t  worry about small imperfections. Expect that not all your eyes will look alike.


STEP 5. This is where you MUST have a steady hand. Also, you are going to need just a little bit of guts. Especially, when your doing the hand that seems most awkward to paint. Trust in your technique and go with it. Make sure while you’re applying the black detail you keep the paint brush clean of excess paint to avoid a mess. It will drip periodically so be aware. It may make you feel more confident to test the lines thickness on a scrap piece of paper before painting the actual nail. 


Should look something like this.


STEP 6. Once you’ve detailed all the eyes, seal the design in with a clear coat of polish. Hope you love your nail art as much as I love mine!


Fantasy Fashion Week All-star Lineup! Giants Win the Super Bowl XLVI!!


Football season has just ended but in the world of Fashion, designers everywhere are saying “LET THE GAMES BEGIN!”, as tomorrow (Feb 9, 2012) New York Fashion Week kicks off eight days of 2012 Fall Fashion!  Michael Kors, Betsey Johnson, Vera Wang, Gabriela Perezutti, Charlotte Ronson and Tory Burch are just a few of the names bedazzling this week’s roster. So I’ve decided to have a little fun and play mad scientist! (((Smiles)))

In the spirit of my NY Giants winning the Super Bowl ((Go Blue!)), instead of a fantasy football all-star lineup, I have decided to create my own Fantasy Fashion Week all-star lineup! Considering the array of heavy hitters that there were to choose from, I was surprised that I was able to narrow it down to a squad of eleven.

Why such an odd number you ask? Well for those of you who don’t know. Eleven is the max amount of players that can be on the field from one team at any given time. AAAAND back to the clothes… Okay, to begin with we have: (*Click on Designers name to view full collections)



I took Tory Burch as my ‘Defensive end’ because her designs never cross the line of scrimmage. This image is from her Fall 2011 line and even though “it’s sooo last season.” (Give me a break ladies…curved lip) I’ll take it in a size 2 please!



I would venture to call Stéphane Rolland the Bryan Cox of Fashion… Cox was one of the most fierce linebackers in the game. According to critics “He played as if the opposition was taking food off his family’s table, or someone was trying to harm his children.” Thats the same intensity and passion Rolland puts into each and every one of his designs.



Valentino is my all-star ‘Line Backer’! He is insanely versatile and provides fashionistas, of all walks of life, with pieces for any situation! From everyday wear and cocktail dresses to Red Carpet gowns and Haute Couture. He is timeless with reason.



Have you ever seen Deion Sanders “Must Be The Money” video? That type of flamboyancy comes to mind when I think of this designer. He exudes CONFIDENCE like no other. They keep you coming back for more!



He’s my ‘Safety’. His designs lean more towards the simpler side, but are crucial to the game. I love his twist on classic pieces.



‘Kicker’ for sure. Burberry is dependable and hits the target every time. I love its every day wear air. When I see their pieces I see practicality and high fashion that anyone can wear… paired perfectly. I personally feel like Burberry is not often given the praise that it deserves.



Gucci… Gucci.. Gucci. Cruz… Cruz.. Cruz. Both attention grabbers. Both will take you further in the game. Both are Trail blazers. Both are at the top of their game. And off topic but “Ladies is pimp too.” lol



Fendi is my ‘Defensive Tackle’ stopping all of the fashion world in their tracks. Aggressive. Focused and a beast of a brand. One of my all time favorite brands.



He is the rebel seamster! Talk about originality. He is the Terry Bradshaw of Fashion design. “Bradshaw had a powerful – albeit at times erratic – arm and called his own plays throughout his football career.” A claim that can also be made of Vaccarello.



Warren Sapp is said to have been “a leader by force and a favorite until he retired.” Alexander McQueen will always be remembered, favored and ahead of the pack.



And now for my most valuable player! My very own Eli Manning. My dream Team! Are you still reading this blog?? No… Go! Click on the link. Check out their Fall 2011 collection. And if it is any reflection of whats to come prepared to be enamored.

The above mentioned football players were NOT all NY Giants, BUT in my fantasy lineup they were all NFL All-stars! Most of the collections featured in this blog were 2011 collections.

Check out the Mercedes Fashion Week website for more information!

The Perfect Engagement. A Vintage Diamond in the Ruff: Erica Weiner


“I dreamed of a wedding of elaborate elegance,
A church filled with family and friends.
I asked him what kind of a wedding he wished for,
He said one that would make me his wife.”
~Author Unknown

Real love is rare… unparalleled, absolutely beautiful and timeless. The same can be said for every piece of vintage jewelry at the, Erica Weiner shop, here in NYC . When you walk into this vintage dreamland you’ll never want to wake from, what you’ll find to be, the perfect daydream. Vintage lovers all around are buzzing about this treasure chest located on Elizabeth, between Spring and Kenmare street, in the heart of Nolita. Brides to be though are raving about their one of a kind vintage engagement rings!!!, The Village Voice,, The Brides Guide… so on and so forth, are all enthralled and spreading the word. Look inside to see my fave five vintage engagement rings!

“My mother says I didn’t open my eyes for eight days after I was born, but when I did, the first thing I saw was an engagement ring. I was hooked.” – Elizabeth Taylor


173 Elizabeth Street, New York, NY 10002 Between Spring and Kenmare Streets.

Indulgence awaits! Continue reading…


1.1910 Moonstone and Diamond Cocktail Ring

“Moonstone’s popularity hit its stride around the turn of the century, as several emerging design movements affected the jewelry industry and public taste. The Arts and Crafts style emphasized humble materials and semi-precious gems, while Art Nouveau’s tendency towards the fantastic and mystical increased the use of stones with more unpredictable color and luster. This beautiful cocktail ring, circa 1910, holds a luminous cabochon-cut moonstone (about 1.5 carats) surrounded by 13 small diamonds, each measuring about 2 points. The hoop is 14K.” –

“What is it you want, Mary? What do you want? You want the moon? Just say the word and I’ll throw a lasso around it and pull it down. Hey. That’s a pretty good idea. I’ll give you the moon, Mary.” -It’s a Wonderful Life


2. Mad Scientist Diamond and Sapphire Ring

“We’re calling this 1930s jewel the “mad scientist” ring because the two 0.25-carat diamonds look like two little eyes peering out from behind poindexter-y glasses. About a size 6, the body is cast entirely in 18K white gold, with lots of nicely detailed etching on shoulders and sloped bezel. Based on the sturdy and somewhat dense setting… And MAN, are the diamonds nice!” –

“All my life, my heart has yearned for a thing I cannot name.”     -Andre Breton

3. Late Victorian Opal Trio Ring

“If you look through jewelry catalogs from the turn of the century, you’ll see that three-stone opal rings like this one were all the rage, having bounced back from the scourge of unpopularity the stone experienced after the 1829 publication of Sir Walter Scott’s Anne of Geierstein. It was a random and uncharacteristic moment of ill favor for this mesmerizing mineral, favored by Queen Elizabeth during the Renaissance and, apocryphally, by the Roman emperor Antony. This yellow gold late Victorian ring holds three blazing opals (each about 1/2 carat) in crown-shaped prong settings.” – 

“A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.” -Ingrid Bergman

4.Turquoise Cabochon and Rose-cut Diamond Ring 

“The word “turquoise” is derived from the French Pierres tourques (“Turkish stone”), acknowledging the widely held belief that the stone was first brought to the Western world by the Turkish in the 13th century. As unfathomably old as that makes turquoise seem, it’s actually even older than that; its earliest recorded use dates from the 5th century (BC!) in present-day Iran. The Victorians were nuts about it, and this ring is a perfect example of late-1800s craftsmanship. The 0.8-carat cabochon-cut turquoise is surrounded by 14 rose-cut diamonds, averaging about 0.03 carats each, and all the stones are set in 14K gold. The juxtaposition of super-hard glinty diamonds and opaque, porous turquoise is extremely fun to stare at it, especially when you’re wearing them on your ring finger.” –

“I can live without money, but I cannot live without love.” -Judy Garland


5. Oval Sapphire and Rose-cut Diamond Engagement Ring

“The standout feature of this 18k Edwardian ring is the central oval-shaped pale blue sapphire, which is ringed with 11 sparkling and variegated rose-cut diamonds. The raised bezel has trellis-like openwork zigging and zagging its circumference and is clutched in place by fleur-de-lis shoulders. The sapphire measures about .40 carats in weight, and each of the diamonds is approximately .05 carats.” –

“Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity.” -Henry Van Dyke



*All photos and ring descriptions were take directly from the Erica Weiner website. takes no credit for ring photos posted or ring descpritions quoted.

I’ll take those in a size 6 please…. Charlotte Olympia

These lady lifters are a part of the Charlotte Olympia‘s spring 2012 collection.They will set you back a whopping $2,395. Still a girl can dream. Aren’t they SEXY and Classy?! Check out her website to be further enthralled.

Her name is CHARLOTTE DELLAL and this half Brazilian, half English beauty is all the rage on runways and subways as New York fashionistas embrace the London based designer. “Each shoe is handcrafted in Italy using only the finest materials…” By definition her designs are masterpieces. And who can resist a masterpiece?? Katy Perry, Beyoncé, Sarah Jessica Parker, Heidi Klum, Kelly Rolland and Blake Lively (just to name a few) sure can’t! They are all crushing on the designs inspired by the glamour of old and drooling over the meticulous attention to detail. Though CHARLOTTE DELLAL birthed her brand, Charlotte Olympia, in 2007, she officially opened the doors to her flagship store in the summer of 2010, located in Maddox street, London. But you don’t have to travel overseas to Europe inorder to don the signature gold spider-web logo. Bergdorf Goodman, Net-a-porter and Neiman Marcus are a few home based retailers that carry the line OR you can also find some great steals on ebay as well!Here is the link! Whether your looking to buy, a reason to cry or simply to be inspired I strongly recommend checking out her site! She is hands down my new designer crush!

Empire Beauty: It’s a Bird… It’s a plane… No its Comic-Con 2011!


Every year thousands of comic book  and video game lovers gather for a magical event that ushers the attendees into a world of fantasy and artistic mastery. COMIC-CON!!! They poured in by the minute, onto the Jacob Javits center’s show room floor, with their amazing costumes and comic books, hoping to catch a glimpse of Marvels Stan Lee, Pin-up queen Olivia  (My favorite modern-day pin-up artist) or Jose Marzan Jr. who is one of the artist for Y: The last man (A MUST READ SERIES!!!!) It was INSANITY!

This was a three day event, full of professional panel discussions, comic and video game unveilings, autograph signings and vendor booths. The third and final day, all children 12 and under were FREE! (Though, be aware they do ask for proof of age for children on Kids day.) And Just a heads up, the food options aren’t that broad or satisfying in MY opinion. On top of that, it’s a lil pricey considering the quality. I would suggest eating before or after you attend. Another option is to bring your own food. You have to conceal it though when you first go in cause they will ask you to discard any outside food. But hey, like they say, out of sight out of mind.


Costumes are a HUGE part of the Comic-con experience. I definitely want to go dressed up next year! Hmmm Wonder woman maybe?

Pin-up artist Olivia and I! I acted like a groupie lolol I completely admire this woman and LOVE her work. I believe more women need to embrace each other and appreciate each others beauty inside and out. This womans work does just that! This isn’t like skimming through dirty mags, behind a black curtain, full of women who have daddy issues. Her work captures the essence of a woman in such a dynamic way. Sensuality, femininity and confidence; these leap from her paintings. Do I feel like this type of work is objectifying? NO. I appreciate it like I appreciate a beautiful sunrise or a Pre-Ralphaelite

Ro, Z and I. I love these guys to death! Goodtimes with great people big and tiny! Lol

We brought a MARVEL Encyclopedia and had all the comic artists sign it! Some even went the extra mile and drew some classics like Spiderman, Black Cat and Batman (Yes, I’m well aware that Batman is a DC character but who cares the drawings were AWESOME!)

This event was full of memorabilia like this old school Shera toy that I owned as a child. They had Vintage comic books and Pin-up magazines, toys, posters, pins, apparel and tons of free giveaways….basically EVERTHING related to the culture! I recommend bringing cash cause the ATM lines were incredibly looooong.

Original work. This is an actual painting! Not a print.

COMIC-CON was definitely an experience and actually they do this in various other cities around the country! visit this Link to plan for next year!

 Pooped after a long day…. Ciao I will update this post soon with some of my Comic-con purchases… Stay tuned XOXOX

Street Love: Hani Street Art

Hani Shihada is New York City’s sidewalk art extraordinaire! He’s been bedazzling sidewalks in Europe and NYC for over 25 years. Homeboy is MARVELOUS! He began sharing his talents on sidewalks while studying art in Rome during the 70’s. He also studied in Spain as well! His life is an artists dream. His work has been featured in movies, commercial, clubs, news articles, ads…so on and so forth! He’s got  the skillz to pay the billz. He works in various mediums, and even does sculptures. The pastel chalks he uses to create his street masterpieces are all custom-made by the man himself! I’ve followed this artist for a few years now. So, I’m sure you could imagine my excitement when I bumped into Hani wrapping up his latest work!

Photocredit goes to

I have more photos I took with my Blackberry coming! I was super excited to find that he was extremely personable. We spoke about sharing art and how we are all connected. Here are a few other pieces of his I love!

My fellow Latina! Sonia Sotomayor! Photo By Ed Yourdon

Micheal Jackson!

How Bananas is this!!

Yes this is 3D street art! The illusion of his work is insane! God I love NY!

It’s crazy that this is a chalked flat drawing, but because of the skills that this man possesses, he is able to creat such a believable illusion!

Visit his website if you seek to be awed further!



Nobody ever said that life would be easy. In the end anything worth having was worth fighting for. Never be intimidated by the 12 rounds it may take you to finally grasp your dreams or reach your goals, large or small. Trust in yourself and have faith in your threshold for adversity. The BEST is yet to come! Choice chases change. So stop the bitchin’! You may have heard this once or twice but quitters never win!

Perseverance- Steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., esp. in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement.

 Going out Guns blazing.

It is the growling man who lives a dog’s life.”Coleman Cox

Empire Beauty: Tribeca Film Festival 2011

Every year I attend the Tribeca Film Festivals Drive-in. I love this event! It’s one of the festivals FREE events held in the Financial building in Battery Park right on the Hudson. Its beautiful watching the sun set, watching the boats pass. This year it was like 23 degrees out there… it was survival of the fittest. I recommend taking a blanket with you cause it can get pretty nippy right by the water most years. Still, despite the punishing temperatures that snuck up on the crowd (…cause it started out nice), It’s one of those events where the atmosphere is completely cool… Strangers are conversing, taking turns watching each others things as alternating groups go to enjoy the free festivities before the main event. The themes always change so each year your left in anticipation awaiting the brand new line up. One year its Dirty Dancing, the next its Micheal Jacksons Thriller, or I’ve even experienced A Short Film Contest, where the audience were the judges…. This year it was the 80’s Classic Fame, The Muppets take Manhattan and a doc called when the drum is beating! You never know if your going to rub elbows with well know producers, directors or celebs! Not that people attend for this purpose, the fact is, most attend for the shared love of film and because everything down to the drinks and popcorn are free of course! Get more Behind the scenes and scoop inside!

My instant Buddies!!! They come baring gifts…Cant watch a film without Popcorn!

Vitamin water sponsored the event along with Timewarner! Lucky me I LOVE vitamin water~ Power-C ~ woooo whoooo!

This was the host Abe Goldfarb… He’s an actor, writer, director and  Burlesque personality, as well as, this years Tribeca Film Festivals Drive-in Host! He was super nice and had all around good energy.


These adorable girls were covering the Film Festival for Tribeca Kids Access. They were so professional and focused! I loved watching strong talented women in the making!

As an artist I’m in love with all artist! This guy drew my portrait in five minutes and he was dead on! lolol


Beautiful Sunset ALWAYS!

A general view of atmosphere at the Drive-In Presents "Fame" At The 2011 Tribeca Film Festival at North Cove at World Financial Center Plaza on April 21, 2011 in New York City.

This Photo credit goes to Zimbio! It was freezing! These are the warriors!

Cast members of Fame perform during the Drive-In Presents "Fame" At The 2011 Tribeca Film Festival at North Cove at World Financial Center Plaza on April 21, 2011 in New York City.

These dancers got alot of slack from an extremely critical audience but I dug the performance.

love this whole film… It’s an 80’s CLASSIC! But the part when theyre in the lunchroom is one of my favorite scenes! Click Here to keep your eyes on all things Tribeca!

Empire Beauty: The New York International Auto Show 2011

Cars, cars and more cars! Beautiful woman, over priced finger foods…. and good ol’ gut punchin’ New Yorkers, in all their aggression and charm. The New York International Auto Show  is held annually at the Jacob Javits Center and makes for a great fix if your into eye candy! It’s definitely the place to visit if you’re seeking to buy a brand new car or looking to bump into an old boyfriend. Everyone and their mother shows up to this treasured NYC event.

 My two favorite types of cars to look for at the event are the classic supped up rides (which are rare and few) and the concept cars (which this year get a solid six on the ten scale… not too impressive.) I’m usually limited as to what grabs my attention at this event because it’s just one mammoth car dealership show room floor if you ask me. I’m more of a classic car kind of girl myself…. Hot Rods, Muscle cars, Vintage and pimped out Lowriders all the way baby! None the less its great to explore what will be hitting the streets in the coming year.

If your tummy starts revving its engine at the show I recommend refueling on outside food as their prices at the show can be a bit outlandish for the quantity and quality of their food…. Entrance for Adults is $14 and $4 for children under twelve.

This car was like a huge disco ball! I wanted to take it home soooo bad! Just up my alley! Vanity, style, crazy and eccentricity all wrapped into one!


This was the saab concept car.


Saabs creative team has taken it to the next level with the Phoenix and they’ve done it so flawlessly! How futuristic is this beauty. To me this is what a great concept car does at an auto show…. Ushers the imagination into an unfolding and expanding future. I love glimpses of what to come. This is one of the reasons I attend the show….The idea of being surprised!


Justin, Jacob and I going for a hay ride! Justin’s grabbing some hay to chew…lol


I caught glances with this baby across the show room floor and I broke through the crowd to flirt with this beauty…. If she were mine  I’d take her for a spin on my weekly Pearl Paint runs or even take her on long road trips across the U.S. to Santa Cruz California and Vegas…. This is my kinda car. And I would do her an injustice if I failed to mention homegirl has S T Y L E.


This was one of the highlights of my trip to the Javits Center… Bumble Bee!!!!  On one of my Beautiful jungle runs I took a picture with Optimus Prime at Toys R Us Times Square so you can imagine how psyched I was when they had my favorite Transformer on display at the auto show!


Last Year at Toys R Us playing tour guide to a friend from Ecuador!

The Auto Show this year has run its course. I actually caught the last day, but for future reference Click here to sign up for their Newsletter, schedule and other Bonuses like Contests and Photos of all the Displays!

Empire Beauty: My History with the Museum of Natural History

My Home Away From Home! I love this place! Aside from the dinosaur bones, embalmed animals and ancient historical artifacts that line the halls of The Museum of Natural History, there is another history that I quietly observe as I find myself lingering through its halls once again… The images of visits passed. I’ve been here countless times with friends and family, on school trips as a kid, on dates with ex boyfriends and even alone. I would stroll in on warm summer days, coming in after long central park sun bathing sessions. It never gets old and I’m always discovering something new and fascinating!

So to pay homage to my  history and this amazing museum, I’ve created this review with pics from three different visits! The most recent being this past weekend, I went with my bestie Jessica and her two boys..

I love this quote by Theodore Roosevelt! READ IT… it may inspire you. I love every part but the part that stands out to me the most is ” Courage, hard work, self-mastery and intelligent effort are all essential to a successful life.” Sounds like something my father would say. There are Four Theodore Roosevelt quotes all together inscribed on the walls of the museums Roosevelt Memorial rotunda located at the main entrance. Below is also a display located there… I love the mysteries of life we uncover yet never truly understand.

 I’m instantly AMAZED, EVERY single time! To think, these animals really existed! The museum for me reminds me of the vastness of time, possibilities and universal greatness. There is sooo much out there… Sometimes I feel it’s a sin to stay home when the world is one big treasure hunt.


I love to see the little faces light up when they walk into the Dinosaur exhibit…. The look of awe is priceless! As they point their little fingers all the way up and then they look around to point this marvel out to everyone, like they’re the only one in the whole place that’s noticed that there’s a T-Rex in the room! lololol I love it! Then they dash off to further explore and make new discoveries. Like in that moment they’re the archeologist uncovering these bones for the first time.  Sometimes I feel like those kids. I’m fascinated by ALMOST everything! I’ve been called a modern-day hippie many times. I love life and every detail of it that provokes thought. Wether it is “What the fuck? or Wow,What a fuckin’ masterpiece? My breath is taken on a daily basis.

I take a picture with this globe almost every time I visit the museum because one of my dreams is to see the WORLD (in person)! and in someway to be connected to people internationally… This picture represents the fact that this is ALWAYS on my mind. So much so, that when the landlord doesn’t give hot water I close my eyes and imagine I’m under a waterfall in Costa Rica and I do my best to visualize the whole scope… exotic birds chirping and all. A girl can dream! Actually scratch that… IT WILL HAPPEN! You realize there is more to the scope than the island of Manhattan. The world is massive and rich with culture that is slowly being watered down by corporations and fading due to modernization. Nows the time to grasp your pivotal moments, to create the memories that will sustain you through your senior moments. I don’t know why but the museum puts my mind on overload… 🙂

I’m crazy! I’ve never met anyone who has not come to this conclusion. I think I do things sometimes because I want to scream out with my actions to the world LIVE YOUR LIFE! I enjoy the rush of doing things that everyone else is too reserved  or afraid to do… So I jump and am loud… I do cart-wheels in the supermarket and sing in the streets… I love being me. I care about good character and being true to my self.. I don’t care about the extra stuff. One day we will be like these dinosaur bones. We never get this back. What we do keep is how we lived. Unlike bones how we live will never decompose, it will always be apart of the fabric of was. An unspoken history. But it happen. I was there and I’d like to think I lived it well.

“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” Dr. Seuss

The Mexican culture is rich and amazing!! I went to Mexico on my 24th Birthday. It was insane dollar Top shelf  Tequila shot and the best Mexican cuisine ever! The hand-made crafts and hard work displayed are no surprise when you think about their Mayan roots. These people are so underestimated. The Mayan pieces they have are incredible I can spend all day in this one room alone.

Miniature Mayan Sculptures! I want one! Once upon a time, I had tickets in my hands paid in full, to travel and explore the Mayan trail through Guatemala, Belize and Mexico. I disregarded those plans because I met a man, who I’m no longer with. I will never compromise my happiness, my dreams or my desires for anyone, EVER again…. except for my children and I currently am with out child so there… lol

The photography is also stellar… I cant wait to take such great photos! I wish to document my own Herstory as seen through my eyes so I’m saving for a professional camera. I love to work for and earn my victories… Every snap of my camera will be a pat on my back…lol

Pacific FASHION! I kind of want to do a post just on fashion displayed in the museum… hmmm be on the look out for that one…

People of the Pacific Islands: Easter Island! and me being a LOCA!

Taste very exotic… lol

This is Justin… He and his brother, Jacob are thee most hyper children you shall EVER encounter lol No Seriously…. They are going to be my lil models for my photoshoot… Love them!

These embalmed animals make me sad. I can’t lie. I try to imagine them as they were. I bet when they were hunting down Antelope they never thought they’d be in a museum in New York City, stuffed for observation. I bet they’re in Jungle heaven like “Girl you think too much” lol

My Buddy… Some dude I met at the museum…

I actually know someone who looks like this now! Third head to the right…

My child would totally rock this little get up! So cute… I love Fashion that crosses borders!

I want this for cold nights drinking wine, love-making and dinner in front of the fireplace or fire escape! lol

I’m Dying to go to AFRICA and white water Kayak down the great Zambezi! The African pieces were sick!

 I challenge all tree huggers!

Almost ready to go home! Good luck trying to get a photo with this huge Oyster shell… and yes it is real… This is a huge crowd drawer… I lucked out NO ONE was around!

So it has become a tradition of mine to take a picture with this GIANT squid! Follow me if you dare… go to the museum and you’ll see why…

One of my other faves, the HUGE blue whale on the first floor… these pictures do it no justice! I love to lay underneath it and feel tiny next this life-sized display. Some people walk around complaining about their Starbucks not having enough syrup, or we simply get lost in the routine of life, that we forget about living. If you want to remember, this is a great place to start.

If you go on a summers day, outside is the best during the summer time with the water spouts! This is a great place to get away for the day and it’s all suggested donation! So you pay what you want! Also there are various Cafes throughout the museum… Just in case the tummy is a rumbling… Here are other notable exhibitions that are SPECIAL so require that you pay special fees But these fees include entrance to the rest of the museum:





The Museum is open daily, 10:00 a.m.—5:45 p.m.
The Museum is closed Thanksgiving and Christmas.

PHONE NUMBER: 212-769-5100


Entrances:The Museum is located at 79th Street and Central Park West and is easily reached by public transportation. The main entrance to the Rose Center for Earth and Space is located at 81st Street between Central Park West and Columbus Avenue.

Main Entrance (79th St. at Central Park West): Every day from 10 a.m. – 5:45 p.m.

Subway Entrance (Lower Level): Every day from 10 a.m. – 5:45 p.m.

Transportation By Subway:

C to 81st Street. Two blocks west of the Museum, the 1 train stops at Broadway and West 79th Street. For a full size subway map, follow this link to go to the Metropolitan Transit Authority Web site.

A Remix: From the Bodega to the Bench: Sonia Sotomayor 09’

 This was originally written on Aug 9, 2009. I was having trouble importing some old blog posts so I just Re-posted them… Enjoy!


Break out the Pasteles and the Bacardi and coke, cause there is a party in the hood! As the Bronx celebrates Sonia Sotomayor, who brought down the house as she was sworn in yesterday morning (August 8, 2009) as the first Hispanic judge to sit on the Supreme Court, the highest legal body in America. Cause that’s just how we do!

My fellow Nuyorican was born and raised in the Bronx, to hardworking Puerto Rican parents. Coming up from the Bronxdale projects to Washington was no small feat for this brazen Latina, but with a father who beat the odds with only a third grade education as factory worker. Not knowing a lick of English; coming into the world of post war white America and a mother who became a nurse not too long after the second World War, it seems to me that homegirl had the right reserves by her side. Su propia familia.

Sonia has credited her mother with being her “lifes inspiration” and credits The Yankees to being the inspiration behind her personal conviction in the 1995 key ruling that brought Major League Baseball back to the nation after a strike (This Chic rocks!) a ruling that was among the most important moments of her career. Due to her status on the bench in Nueva York, she was put in the position to essentially decide the future of a sport she loved. This Superwoman chastened baseball owners for unfair labor practices which led to a new labor agreement and a change of their attitudes.

What’s not to love! She speaks her mind and she hasn’t forgotten where she comes from… y tambien como most Latina’s she makes no excuses for what fire may come out of dem blazing Latin lips. During a speech at the University of California at Berkeley, Sotomayor with no reservations stated, “I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.” Toma! That’s right she said it and What!

I can just see it now Sonia and Barack playing dominos in the oval office eating collard greens and tostones!

Pablo Neru-WHO?

Alright! Alright already…… it’s true! Nunca me oir de Pablo Neruda.. I almost feel like if I say it in Spanish the roll of my tongue will unfold like a carpet covering my discretion. He is ONLY one of the MOST FAMOUS Latin American Poets of ALL TIME! Can one really claim being Latino having never read a Neruda Sonnet? Claro que si, but the Latin beat of your heart becomes so much richer with rhythm when you do!

Peace goes into the making of a poem as flour goes into the making of bread.”
–Pablo Neruda

If that’s the case grab your café con leche, (black is good too) your laptop and feast on some of these most amazing morsel’s of poetry ever to grace the minds pallet.

(These are snippets but I encourage you to Google the titles for the complete pieces)

The Noble Prize winner for Literature (1971) wrote at an early age but it was not till this Poem “Song I” that he became famoso at the tender age of twenty.

Body of woman, white hills, white thighs,
you look like the world in your posture of surrender.
My savage peasant body digs through you
and makes the son leap from the depth of the earth.

September 8” (in The Captain’s Verses) is believed to be Inspired by his immense love for his third wife, Matilde Urrutia

Today the tempestuous sea
lifted us in a kiss
so high that we trembled
in the flash of lightning
and, tied together, descended
and submerged without unraveling.
Today our bodies became immense,
they grew up to the edge of the world
and rolled melting themselves
into one single drop
of wax or meteor.
A new door opened between you and me
and someone, still without a face,
was waiting for us there.

Others worth mentioning: Canto General, is a history of Latin America done in Poetry, Ode to the Dictionary is for the Lover of written word, The Queen is to the woman who sits at the throne of her man’s heart, Your Laughter made me gasp y Your Feet is a simplistic poem of praise.

Warning: Not all men are capable of these levels of personal expression. Ladies let your man off the hook. Pero don’t feel bad either pretending that Pablo was thinkin of you when he wrote, “Your caresses enfold me, like climbing vines on melancholy walls. I have forgotten your love, yet I seem to glimpse you in every window..aaaaaa. A girl can dream!


Growing up as a New York Rican in The Bronx during the 80’s and 90’s it was Hip Hop and R&B, Freestlye and House, Salsa and Merengue all day… every day! You would hear any given one of these genres blaring from corner bodegas, gypsy cabs, stoops or boom boxes strategically placed on widow stills.. It wasnt till 97′ when I moved upstate with my dad, in west bubble fuck, that I learned of Alternative Rock, Metal, Country and PUNK! My blue-eyed, red-head college boy toy introduced me to bands like Pennywise, Pantera, Pearl Jam and (((Drumroll Please))) NOFX. Ive been hooked ever since! The band had their first practice in 1983, consisting of Fat Mike who is the lead Vocalsist and Bass player, El Hefe and Eric Melvin on the Guitar and  Erik Sandin beating the Drums. I mean these guys are magical together! Extremely political and rebellious, their music is like a big “F” “U” to all conformist. Punk in Druplic is for one of my fave albums of all time. Check out the video below to listen to Lori Meyers… a song about a woman he recognizes from his childhood on the cover of a porn mag.

The band never signed with a big record label, not that they didn’t have opportunities but commercialism is counter productive for this forever indie band not to mention a contradiction. They’ve toured all over the world and Punk in druplic even went Gold in 2000 six years after it release in 1994. It is their most success album up to date peaking at 12 on the Billboard charts! Not too bad for an indie band with no commercial backing! A few other songs worthy of mention on this album are Dont call me white, Linoleum, The Brews and Perfect government.

Click here for their website!

A Day in the Mind of a Dreamer, a Fighter, a Future Success Story

Photo Credit: west birch photography blog

Today I woke up basked in love and light.The sunlight shone through the curtains sheer fabric kissing my lips, stroking my hair and penetrating my bare body… Rays of light lifted my sorry plight of self-induced rebuke.

 I’m my biggest critic! All I’ve been doing is coming down hardcore on myself… “Your not moving fast enough Natalie.” “Wake up earlier Natalie!” “Your fuckin’ up Nat.” “Produce produce produce.” “Your not getting anywhere Nat, move move move.” “Your not motivated Enough!” “Your not Networking enough!” “Your not using your time wisely!” “It’s not good enough” “This isnt fly enough.. unique enough!” “Your Lazy.” “Your not learning enough, fast enough.” “Your planning sucks.” “Your all over the place……..” These are just a few of the mental crosses I carry.

Still, of all the pressure I self impose, I never think “it’s time to quit.” FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION. When I woke up thinking about my responsibilities, my goals and priorities… I realized that I’ve accomplished something even grander than my dream… Realizing MY PASSION! I’m so hard on myself because I give a shit about what im doing soooo much; that it consumes me. Though don’t get me wrong, I realize that this type of self talk can be destructive and depleting. I’m working on fixing it. I believe the most important communication is that which one has with ones self. BUT when your living and breathing your passion that will eventually lead to fulfilling your purpose its Do or Die trying. I like to focus on the “Do” aspect of that complete thought. This is not only about Custom clothing or furniture. This venture of mine called Posh Pirate is geared towards making a difference and impacting lives. I want to mentor inner city youth and show them that if you want ANYTHING in this life bad enough you’re not exempt from success based on where you come from or what your background is. I want to write articles that inspire, and create custom clothing and furniture designs that provoke thought. I want to use my voice to speak out against injustices in my community and the world. I want to help other artist gain recognition. I want to feed and clothe my family. And as for what I don’t want…is to ever be considered “Wasted talent.”

So today I rise victorious… having accomplished nothing more than taking my first conscious breath. Acknowledging that MAYBE im not so far behind. perhaps I’m actually two steps ahead of the game.. simply because I have  goals driven by passion… and sure maybe my planning is scattered but my ambition is right on track!

Going out Guns Blazing…. Keep the Dream ALIVE! Then wake up and Make it YOUR REALITY! Imagine…

A Day in the Mind of a Dreamer, a Fighter, a Future Success Story

Photo Credit: west birch photography blog

Today I woke up basked in love and light.The sunlight shone through the curtains sheer fabric kissing my lips, stroking my hair and penetrating my bare body… Rays of light lifted my sorry plight of self-induced rebuke.

 I’m my biggest critic! All I’ve been doing is coming down hardcore on myself… “Your not moving fast enough Natalie.” “Wake up earlier Natalie!” “Your fuckin’ up Nat.” “Produce produce produce.” “Your not getting anywhere Nat, move move move.” “Your not motivated Enough!” “Your not Networking enough!” “Your not using your time wisely!” “It’s not good enough” “This isnt fly enough.. unique enough!” “Your Lazy.” “Your not learning enough, fast enough.” “Your planning sucks.” “Your all over the place……..” These are just a few of the mental crosses I carry.

Still, of all the pressure I self impose, I never think “it’s time to quit.” FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION. When I woke up thinking about my responsibilities, my goals and priorities… I realized that I’ve accomplished something even grander than my dream… Realizing MY PASSION! I’m so hard on myself because I give a shit about what im doing soooo much; that it consumes me. Though don’t get me wrong, I realize that this type of self talk can be destructive and depleting. I’m working on fixing it. I believe the most important communication is that which one has with ones self. BUT when your living and breathing your passion that will eventually lead to fulfilling your purpose its Do or Die trying. I like to focus on the “Do” aspect of that complete thought. This is not only about Custom clothing or furniture. This venture of mine called Posh Pirate is geared towards making a difference and impacting lives. I want to mentor inner city youth and show them that if you want ANYTHING in this life bad enough you’re not exempt from success based on where you come from or what your background is. I want to write articles that inspire, and create custom clothing and furniture designs that provoke thought. I want to use my voice to speak out against injustices in my community and the world. I want to help other artist gain recognition. I want to feed and clothe my family. And as for what I don’t want…is to ever be considered “Wasted talent.”

So today I rise victorious… having accomplished nothing more than taking my first conscious breath. Acknowledging that MAYBE im not so far behind. perhaps I’m actually two steps ahead of the game.. simply because I have  goals driven by passion… and sure maybe my planning is scattered but my ambition is right on track!

Going out Guns Blazing…. Keep the Dream ALIVE! Then wake up and Make it YOUR REALITY! Imagine…

Empire Beauty: The Fantastic Guggenheim Museum!

Yesterday I went to the fantastic (Drum Roll Please….) Guggenheim Museum! It was one of those crazy and spontaneous things I do when I have absolutely no plans (I just go where the wind takes me….) and because it was a Saturday, I got in for only $3 buckeroos! In the event YOU want to take advantage of this really cool deal, you can do so on any given Saturday between 5:45-7:45pm. Be sure to get there at 5:45pm or even a little earlier, as the line has been known to whipped around the block! The suggested donation is $10, but with all the private donations, grants and people paying the regular price for tickets at $18 a pop! “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn!” Give what you can…trust me They are NOT lacking!

I took this picture of their enormous Skylight with my rinky dink Blackberry Camera… The structure and design of this building is so flawless that you couldn’t ruin a photo opp if you tried.

 WARNING:They are VERY adamant about their NO flash photography policy! Everyone tries…Shit even I snuck in a few. Still, beware the security guards that are stationed on each level. Once you begin your journey up that ramp best believe they are-a-watchin and people get really offended when confronted. Its rather entertaining actually. lol

With that said, the following photos are all works of art currently on display at the museum (with the exception of one) BUT these photos were found online at various web sites and I claim no credit for them…. other than the effort involved in locating quality replicas of these amazing works! Still there is nothing like seeing them in person!

Amedeo Modigliani, Nude, 1917

The naked chic was one of my favorites because I loved the jagged brush strokes that fill in the simple black outline that defines her body. All of his nudes are equally amazing. I also love how the sensual nature of the painting consumes the onlooker. When I saw this image I instantly felt like I was transported into the room with this beautiful woman and Amedeo… like I was having a spiritual Ménage à trois. Nudes are sexy and the whole relationship between the Art, the Artist, the Subject and the observer is soooo romantic that it completely eradicates thoughts of distaste, it immediately seduces you.  

Mountains at Saint-Rémy (Montagnes à Saint-Rémy), July 1889. Oil on canvas, Vincent van Gogh Photo Credit: Matthew Felix Sun 

I have this gift. I see images in the marble tiles in bathrooms, in decorative plastered walls, in splattered paint, in dirt smudges and in the strokes of a canvas I can see images that where never intended. Thats why I love this landscape by Vincent. I see cloves of Garlic and a man playing the saxophone… and because of this I feel like, not the man, but the spirit of the man and  I, connect. The entities that are within, that make us both artist danced when I  laid eye on this painting.

Photo Credit: out of the Grey

When your ready for a break, take a stroll over to Cafe 3 across from the Kandinsky Gallery on Annex Level 3! Its well priced sandwiches are like $7 and change… Beers $7 and you can get a glass of wine between $6 and $9 bucks.. If you ask me, not bad at all! They serve sandwiches, pastries, coffee, tea, wine, and beer, and there’s a really dope view of Central Park as well.

Cafe 3 Hours
10:30 am–5:15 pm
Closed Thursday

For more information, call 212 427 5682.

Man I wish I could have snuck this out in my pocket!!! I’m new to the work of Franz but he had me at Moo! His color usage is AMAZING! No photo could do this justice. This painting is a “you had to be there” piece. So sad you cant see it unless YOU’VE SEEN IT IN PERSON! That cow looks like its having a heck of a day! I did some research on his other works and they are all as magnificent!

Kupka, Frantisek – 1909-10 Planes by Colors, Large Nude Photo Credit: RasMarley

Now baby, this is ME! No like, for real, this is me on any given day of the week; lounging bare in the privacy of my home contemplating my world domination and what to cook for dinner. Have you ever had one of those “Why didn’t I think of that first” moments? Well, this was one of my “Why didn’t I paint that first” moments! This man is a GENIUS by every form of the definition. Color contrast, brush strokes, proportion, Soul! The image below was NOT ON DISPLAY but come on!

He is my new favorite… ok maybe my second new favorite! Now I just need to learn how to pronounce his name…hmmm.


Kandinsky’s “Black Lines” (1913).

Kandinsky.. Kandinsky.. Kandinsky (sigh) He owns the Guggenheim right now if you ask me and with good reason. Again, no justice I tell ya! When I saw this I knew “Houston we have a problem.” I knew I would never want to leave. I wondered if he painted to make women fall in love with him? Because the subject matter of his work suggests a loftiness.. like he’s in a class all his own and he knows it. As if to say, “my work supersedes your comprehension..Yes, I know.” It’s his disregard for your lack of understanding that’s so enticing. Because he draws you in with color… fantasy… intrigue… He IS in a class all his own and whether you understand it or not, you want to be apart of it. It’s the distance he creates that keeps you wanting more of him. The colors flirt. 

On Saturdays from 5:45 p.m. to 7:45 p.m., admission to the Guggenheim Museum is “pay what you wish.”

Photo Credit: Justin Lane/European Pressphoto Agency

This building is soulless without these images or without the bodies that these images infatuate on a daily basis.

This is one of my rebel photos above!

Now I’ve not eaten here but a review of the Guggenheim would be incomplete without it!

The Wright:

Located at Fifth Avenue and 88th Street. Lunch and Dinner. The menu is seasonal. The restaurant was designed by architect Andre Kikoski.
11:30 am–3:30 pm
11:30 am–5 pm
5:30–11 pm
Sunday Brunch
11 am–3:30 pm

For Reservations 212 427 5690.

SOOOOOOOOO….after the museum just when I thought my soul could take no more… I run across an original De La Vega!!!!!!! AAAhhhhh! I’m having a mental  orgasm just typing this! I’m like a crazed teen at a Justin Bieber concert when it comes to Art! Could ya tell! lol  I love finding diamonds in the ruff! An original Del La Vega! Chalked on the ground across the street from the Guggenheim! A fish jumped ship, running with haste away from the bowl! I feel like he put that there just for ME…and dont you crush my dreams! and just when I thought it couldn’t get better….

I made it just in time for the Sunset at central Park! The ultimate work of art… the one that stole the show and every word… my very breath.

Then I got Very unhappy hahahahahahahaha cause my day was over. lol I was just playing with my camera! I’m nuts goodnight!

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
1071 Fifth Avenue (at 89th Street)
New York, NY 10128-0173
Purchase tickets

Museum Hours

Sun–Wed 10 am–5:45 pm
Fri 10 am–5:45 pm
Sat 10 am–7:45 pm
Closed Thurs, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day
Some galleries may close prior to 5:45 pm Sun–Wed and Fri (7:45 pm Sat)


Saturday Baby! Pay as you wish! Otherwise, Adults $18
Students and Seniors (65 years +) with valid ID $15
Children under 12 Free
Members Free

Audio Tours

Audio tours are free with admission.