SOUL-TRAVELER: “Halo” Painting’s poetic dedication titled, “I am”.


This picture was taken in 2006, the same year I wrote this piece titled, “I am”.

Soul Traveler is the second blog that I’m working on consisting of my written creative works. This is me behind the smiles and the pints of Guiness. Cheers!

I am a Womyn with words. I dance because it allows me the key to free my hidden inhibitions… they remind me that I’m perfectly imperfect… This reminds me to breath.

I am a Womyn with passions. I write songs of my soul that dance and paint color in the eyes of poetic masters that gesture, “I too am great.” They suggest by their legacy that a dreamer dreams and that dreams flourish.

I am a Womyn with Intellect. A devote student of life and lives. In my eyes I see humanity a beautiful monster like a little girl with Shirley Temple curls screaming at the very top of her lungs……… Wouldn’t you say this too?

I am pensive, lost in thoughts of observations. No box to confine my heart. Instead there is a box that exposes it….. That box being the earth with the dirt and the air and the trees and the birds in the sky that keep me nailed to my knees because I worship her beauty that reminds me of me.

I am an Artist, a master of canvases real and imagined. I draw surreal dreams; I write of erotic adventures that I play over and over and over again in the auditorium of my secret domain where my lust it thrive…because I am a sexual creature.

I am fun crazy deep true to me free. Alive. I am all of these things and more..

I am a Womyn. I stand for what I believe in. Equality. I am more than just a pretty face painted over with mauve shadow and Fuscia lips. Shit I am a Womyn that to me means that I am powerful…in many ways. I embrace love. I live my femininity. I am independent and free to define my true idenity. I am a Womyn. I have talents, ideas and a vision for a world that I can say I help create…everyday. I am a womyn. Sometimes loud, aggressive, Latin and Proud.. I am a Womyn who lives, who reads, who sees a world in progress. I am a Womyn who is me.

By Natalie Olivo AKA Zen Stiles




It’s Amazing how one person can affect Generations! How by life, composed correctly, one can become legendary! He  pulled, stretched, expanded, stimulated, and infused with magic, the imaginations of the WORLD! As a child I devoured his books and images. As an artist I drowned in the color and rhyme. Till this day I cough up green eggs, crazy cat legs, star belly Sneetches, blue fish, red fish and dream of stolen christmas’. Thank You Dr. Seuss for being my muse, for being my friend and the composer of my symphonic brush strokes… even as an adult. I love you.

My FAVORITE Dr.Seuss book (((Drum Roll Please))) The Sneetches! Maybe subconsciously too… because it delivered the same message my father drove home every day of my life: BE A LEADER NOT A FOLLOWER!!!!!! Dr. Seuss and my dad, the two men that spoke truth into my life. Green eggs and Ham is about having an open mind… new things… Do not be perturbed by the unknown or the quote un-quote, WEIRD. The Cat in the Hat has some crazy theories surrounding it regarding its underlying messages but TO ME,  it’s about honesty and order. Still despite it all, the fact is that Dr. Seuss will always be a channel of greatness that challenges the minds of us all!


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